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Welcome to Mana-AKi-Coaching, your trusted partner in unlocking your full potential. I am a performance coach dedicated to guiding and empowering all people wanting to grow, and teams to achieve remarkable success.


A Bit About Me

Let me introduce myself. I was born in Otago to a family that constantly moved around, making it challenging to pursue a stable education. Leaving school at a young age, I found myself working as a labourer, but soon realized that my lack of education and limited literacy skills would make my journey difficult.

Determined to overcome these obstacles, I decided to return to school at the age of 19. It was a struggle, but I persevered and discovered the formula to succeed in education. I went on to complete degrees in psychotherapy, and health science at Otago University, all while working in community forensic health.

After almost a decade in the healthcare industry, I transitioned into a corporate role, first working for Ngāi Tahu Development and later becoming General Manager for a District Health Board. I completed a master's degree and embarked on a journey over the next fifteen years.


I have been lucky to have worked as a consultant in over twenty countries across North America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, specializing in high-risk environments and contributing to critical infrastructure and capability building of indigenous groups.

During this time, I also started a family with my University sweetheart, and after living abroad, we decided to return to New Zealand. Since my return, I have held executive positions in two of New Zealand's leading companies, operating in the primary sector and indigenous development.

In 2022-23, I completed the Institute of Strategic Leadership Program and the Advancement Management Program at INSEAD, further expanding my knowledge, expertise and desire to work with people to uncover their new horizons.

With over 15 years of experience in executive roles, my work history is diverse and extensive. Having worked around the world, I have developed a unique perspective and a keen understanding of global business trends and principles. I work with organisations to contribute to global strategic direction-setting, operational delivery and coaching executives.

My background in psychology provides me with insights into what motivates and drives teams, allowing me to create dynamic and progressive workplaces that value innovation and efficiency.


Through my coaching, I aim to help individuals and businesses thrive by harnessing their strengths and aligning their goals with the ever-evolving business landscape.



Why Did I Choose The Value Manaakitaka As The Foundation Of The Business? 


Mana = A Individuals Personal Energy 

Aki = To Life Up

Kia whakapakari tātou i te manaakitanga, i te tautoko, i te whakapau kaha i te iwi.

Let us strengthen our community through kindness, support, and uplifting one another.

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